Composting For Beginners: Organic Garden Necessity!

Here is your introduction to composting for beginners. Having a compost pile of some sort is definitely a must in an organic garden and a definit benefit in any garden.

But why?

All the weeds and plants in the garden contain nutrients and organic matter, and when removing the former you also remove the latter from your garden. If you continue to throw it away you will by and by rob your soil of nutrients and organic matter. By composting the weeds and plants you will instead keep the nutrients and recycle them to your garden’s benefit.

Will all garden waste go in the compost pile?

All plant parts or residues go into the simple compost pile, but if they are contaminated with some plant disease or other, burn them or throw them in the garbage. Stems and branches should be cut to pieces, preferably in a compost mill, otherwise they will need years to degrade.

What is best to use, a container or just a pile?

The simplest way is to put everything in a pile in a hidden corner of your garden. Turn it over once in a while to add air and to mix decomposed matter with intact such. This kind of compost pile can look slightly untidy and tends to stretch out on the ground.

A more neat way of composting is to buy a bin with two, or perhaps more, separate sections. When the first section is filled up with composting material you can leave it to decompose, and meanwhile fill the second.

Qiuck composting

If you want to add food scraps, and thereby more nitrogen, to your compost you need a closed compost bin. To make the process fast and easy you can buy a spinning bin, that you easily spin after every addition of material to add air and mix the newer and older material well. This will speed up the process and get you a well degraded compost in just a few weeks.

If you combine a simple pile with a closed, preferably rotating, compost bin you can take advantage of almost all the organic waste in your home. The garden residues go in the pile, and the food scraps in the closed compost bin.

I hope that this introduction to composting for beginners will provide you the information you require to start composting. Wish to know more about having an organic garden? Visit, and learn about starting an organic garden, what fertilizers to use and organic garden pest control.

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